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Suction Cup Gimadd

Suction Cup Gimadd

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Introducing the Gimadd Suction Cup, the ideal complement for your Gimadd Support Pro, specially designed for full panoramic paddle courts without metal parts. This suction cup with metal base allows you to fix your Gimadd Support on glass surfaces, ensuring a perfect recording from any angle.

- ✅ Quick and secure installation.

- ✅ Stable and professional recordings.

- ✅ Compact and portable design.

- ✅ Ideal for full panoramic tracks.

**Note:** Gimadd Suction Cup is an additional accessory and requires Gimadd Support Pro for full use.


- Material: Fiber-reinforced polyamide and metal base ????

- Compatibility: Glass surfaces

- Weight: Lightweight and portable ???


- Easy to Use: Remove the cover, place the suction cup on the glass and press the bottom button to attach.

- Secure Attachment: The button becomes immovable once attached, ensuring a firm hold.

- Universal Compatibility: Perfect for any glass surface on paddle courts.

Instrucciones de Uso

1. Remove the suction cup cover.
2. Place the suction cup on the glass.
3. Press the lower button until it can no longer be pressed.
4. Place your Gimadd Support Pro on the metal base of the suction cup.


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At GIMADD, we always have your back. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we will make it right. We are happy to accept returns within 30 days from the date of delivery.

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Why have your Gimadd Support?

  • ✅ Unique recording versatility

    With its ability to adhere to any metal surface on the track, our bracket offers unprecedented flexibility.

  • Constantly analyze and improve your game

    Review your games and training, identify areas of improvement and work on them, Transforming the way you play with Gimadd.

  • ✅ Connect and share on Social Networks

    Gimadd Support not only allows users to record their passion for paddle tennis, but also to easily share those moments on networks.

Gimadd Support, the ultimate solution to record your paddle!

✅ Quick and safe placement anywhere on the paddle court.


Advanced Magnetic Clamping

With its double neodymium magnet, this bracket ensures a reliable hold on any metal surface, guaranteeing stability and peace of mind while capturing your best shots.

Patented and Compact Design

Its compact, lightweight, patent-protected shape is perfect for one-handed carrying and stands out in the sports recording accessory market for its ease of use.

Flexible Adjustment

The Gimadd Support's 5 extendable arms offer unparalleled customization, allowing distance and angle adjustments to capture every action on the track with a reach length of up to 52 cm.

360° rotation

The ability to fully rotate ensures that you can get the perfect shot from any angle, making Gimadd Support ideal for analyzing and improving game techniques.

Universal Compatibility

The non-slip clip fits devices from 3.5" to 6.5", covering the full range of smartphone models.

Superior Protection

Equipped with an anti-scratch rubber cover, this stand protects both your phone and the surface on which it is mounted, which represents an added value for its durability and the preservation of your equipment.