We are looking for ambassadors for our brand!

In GIMADD we are looking for ambassadors for our brand, to represent us and be our image, so they must be people committed to our brand and what it represents.
We are looking for people who are very active in social networks, fun, proactive, outgoing, natural and very communicative.

The function of the GIMADD ambassadors is to spread our brand and for each sale earn 10% commission.

If you like the world of Padel and want to earn money thanks to your hobby, we are your option. SEND YOUR APPLICATION

How does the GIMADD ambassador program work?

First of all, to register as an ambassador of GIMADD you have to apply through our website at the following LINK.

When we receive the application we make a study of the candidate, we observe his/her social networks and decide if he/she is in line with our brand.

If we decide that the candidate is not in line with our brand, we communicate it by email and nothing happens, at another time, you can try again later.

If you are accepted as an ambassador, you will receive an email informing you that you are already a GIMADD ambassador.

For being an ambassador of GIMADD you have a special code to get a 30% discount on your purchases at www.gimadd.com.

How do I earn money as a GIMADD ambassador?

To earn money as an ambassador you have to spread our brand and our products on social networks.

Money can be earned in several ways.

Through an affiliate link:

  • When you are accepted as an ambassador you receive an affiliate link, when someone enters our online store and make a purchase the ambassador will receive a 15% commission.
  • Our cookie remains for 90 days, that means that all purchases made by that person during 90 days will be commissioned to the ambassador.

Through personal code:

Through personal code there are two ways to commission.

  • Each ambassador will be provided with a personal code, when promoting the brand she must tell her followers to enter her code when making the purchase, if a person buys with that code the ambassador will receive a 15% commission.
  • There is another kind of personal code, with this kind of code who buys has a 10% discount and in this case the ambassador/or charges a 10% commission, with this code there is less commission, but it sells more since the person who buys gets a discount.